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JAB Coach Hire is committed to plain English Terms and Conditions for Consumers. Below outlines the Terms and Conditions of coach hire .

Terms of Business

1. The Service Provision by (“JCH”)

JAB Self Drive Limited is a coach booking platform which is owned and operated by JAB Self Drive Limited. JAB Self Drive Limited is the Agent who books the Coach Hire on behalf of the national network of independent Coach Hire Operators (‘Affiliate Network’). JAB Self Drive Limited collects all monies on behalf of the Coach Hire Operator and distributes (net off any commissions).

JAB Self Drive Limited holds copies of all up to date:

  • Vehicle insurance documents,
  • VOSA Operating licences;
  • Public Liability Documents
  • and any CRB’s Specifically requested by the Customer. All documents are available for inspection and are linked to the Customer Booking Confirmation

JAB Self Drive Limited acts as Agent for the independent Coach Hire Operators ensuring they have:

  • an up to date Customer Services Policy. which outlines the process of resolution of any Service Issues raised by customers which can occur in the Coach Hire Industry. JAB Self Drive Limited will process these issues acting as an Agent on behalf of the Coach Operators distributing any compensation (in line with the Customer Services policy) on behalf of the Coach Operator.

Delays to Service

Through the Affiliate Network (including JAB Self Drive Companies) we provide a driver or drivers and a coach of sufficient seating capacity (and to the specification ordered), suitable to undertake the work detailed in a satisfactory and legal manner. The route traveled shall be at the sole discretion of the Driver according to road, traffic and weather conditions at the time, unless a specific route has been agreed in writing with the Customer and the Coach Operator. No price discount shall be given if the route chosen is not actually the shortest. Stops can be made at suitable points to serve the comfort of the passengers and to satisfy legal requirements regarding breaks and rest for drivers. Between outward and return journeys the coach may not remain at any destination or be accessible to passengers unless specific arrangements for this have been agreed in advance.

Although we will endeavor to complete journeys in the times required, and will give our best advice at the time of booking if asked to do so on probable journey times (typically relying on Auto route timings + a 15% buffer), we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of delays caused by circumstances or events which are beyond our control. It is strongly recommended that you should consider insuring against this risk if journey times are particularly crucial.

Save as otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, no responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by the Coach Operator for traffic congestion, road accidents, adverse weather conditions or other matters outside it’s reasonable control which may cause delay. Both parties expressly recognize in transport such as coach hire that coaches can be late as a normal cause of business without negligence on behalf of the coach hire company (typically due to previous customer delays, traffic, accidents and mechanical problems).

If any journey is delayed by more than 60 minutes with one of our coaches then a refund may be considered in line with our Customer Services Policy (a copy of which is available on request). If we are unable to replace a delayed coach within 4 hours and the client chooses to make their own alternative travel arrangements they will be entitled to a refund for that leg of the journey – or day of the tour.

We retain the right due to operational reasons to supply a larger coach than required at no extra charge (unless the number of passengers is greater than originally advised).

All delays are dealt with in line with our Customer Services Policy.

1.2 Luggage

Whilst we will take all reasonable care with passengers’ luggage and other items which they may bring on our coach, we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused to these items whilst on the vehicle. Under no circumstances should any valuables be left on a coach, even if locked. Personal belongings are not insured against theft by any of the Coach Operators.

Personal insurance of luggage and valuables is strongly recommended. Any passengers’ property discovered on the vehicle after the hire will be stored, and may be claimed in accordance with the current Lost Property Regulations.

1.3 Drivers Hours

Drivers’ hours and rest periods are regulated by law. It is illegal for Drivers to work outside these hours. We will always plan journey schedules so as to minimise the risk of delays due to Drivers’ hour’s rules. The Customer must adhere strictly to all collection times contained in the Booking Confirmation and the Customer must not interrupt or delay a journey. If delays occur for whatever reason, the Coach Operator may curtail or otherwise alter the journey schedule for the Vehicle in order to seek to comply with the law. Where delays occur we cannot be held responsible for any losses arising due to the delays or non-performance of the Services unless they are due solely to the negligence of the Coach Operator.

Second driver charges

Second driver charges can be required when the driver exceeds 9 driving hours per day, 15 hours on shift per day (whether driving or not), excessive hours worked in any period of days, a single driver being asked to work more than 6 days in succession and if the driver ends his working day (e.g. 4am ) so late that it is not practical/possible for him to legally work the next day.

2. Customer Responsibilities

The Customer’s Party must be and remain properly behaved at all times. The Driver may refuse to allow a passenger to board the Vehicle or eject them from the Vehicle if, in his sole discretion, he considers them unfit to travel for whatever reason (for example, being intoxicated or abusive). The Driver may refuse to continue a journey if in his sole discretion he considers any passenger to be behaving in such a way as may put the safety of other persons and/or the contents of the Vehicle and/or the Vehicle itself at risk. Drinking on the coach is always at the driver’s discretion and for certain sporting events is legally prohibited.

2.1 Damage to Vehicle

We maintain a strict standard of cleanliness in relation to our Coaches. The Customer shall be responsible and liable for any soiling or damage to the outside or the interior of the Vehicle by the Customer’s Party howsoever caused. Should the Vehicle require specialist or non-routine cleaning before its next trip as a result of any conduct on the part of the Customer’s Party, (in particular for the removal of vomit and disinfecting of affected areas) then, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, the Operator shall be entitled to recharge the cost of such cleaning to the Customer. The Customer shall be fully responsible for all the acts and omissions of the Customer’s Party and acknowledges on behalf of the Customer’s Party the responsibility of passengers for their conduct under the Conduct Regulations at all times.

2.2 Security Deposit

A Security Deposit may be imposed at the sole discretion of the Operator up to 48 hours before your trip for late night club/pub runs and other ‘social’ events. Once the vehicle(s) have returned to the depot any costs incurred in cleaning and/or repairing the vehicle(s) will be subtracted from the security deposit before the balance, if any, is refunded.

3. Payment, Cancellation and Additional Charges

3.1 Payment

All charges quoted to the Customer shall be exclusive of VAT which we shall add to its charges at the appropriate rate. Currently coach hire is zero rated for VAT.

3.2 Payment Timings 

Payment Terms

The payment terms for deposits and full payment of coach are outlined below. Only exceptions those agreed in writing with the customer. It is vitally important that bookings are paid in timely manner as availability will not be guaranteed for clients who do not pay in a timely manner.

Standard Terms – Off Peak

For Coaches booked in this period a deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking and the final balance received 7 full working days before trip departure.

Standard Terms – Peak

The peak season for the coach hire industry is Half Term February, Easter Weekend (Thursday to Monday inclusive), May to September and Christmas party season December 3rd to December 20th. For Coaches booked in this period a deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking and the final balance within 14 working days of the trip taking place.

For all short notice bookings being made less than 10 days before the trip takes place. Payment is due at the time of booking. Any booking made without payment is provisional and subject to availability.

International Trips and Tours

For Coaches booked in this period a deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking and the final balance received 21 full working days before trip departure. For all short notice bookings being made less than 10 days before the trip takes place. Payment is due at the time of booking. Any booking made without payment is provisional and subject to availability.

For all short notice bookings being made less than 21 days before the trip takes place. Payment is due at the time of booking. Any booking made without payment is provisional and subject to availability.

Ferries and Coaches booked on behalf of the client require immediate payment. Failure to do so can result in amended availability and price

Specialty Vehicles – Double Decker and Luxury Vehicles

For Coaches booked in this period a deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking and the final balance received 28 full working days before trip departure.

For all short notice bookings being made less than 28 days before the trip takes place. Payment is due at the time of booking. Any booking made without payment is provisional and subject to availability.

Large Groups (multiple coaches) – more than 150 people

For Coaches booked in this period a deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking and the final balance received 21 full working days before trip departure.

For all short notice bookings being made less than 21 days before the trip takes place. Payment is due at the time of booking. Any booking made without payment is provisional and subject to availability.

Please note that bookings will be AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED in the event of non–full payment, except if expressly agreed by the Customer in writing with Jab Coach Hire Limited acting on behalf of the Operator. 

3.3 Payment by Credit/Debit Card

If the Customer decides to pay by debit/credit card and the booking is for more than 7 working days before departure then the Customer must pay a 20% deposit on booking with the balance to be paid as per payment terms above (Alternative payment methods such as BAC’s, Chaps or an alternate card are acceptable as long as this is agreed in writing in advance).

We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties.

3.4 Cancellation Policy

Either party can cancel the trip for whatever reason 14 days before the trip takes place. If a booking is cancelled in writing by the Customer with more than 14 working days left before the date of travel, other than the initial deposit paid by the Customer, the Customer will have no further costs to pay. If the booking is cancelled by the supplier with more than 14 days notice the supplier shall refund any deposit paid by the customer.

If a booking is cancelled by the Customer with less than 7 working days’ notice, payment in full will be due to JCH from the Customer.

Deposits are not refundable on bookings cancelled by the Customer.

No cash refunds. Any refund due because of a customer cancellation will be issued as a credit note.

There are no refunds for ferry, tunnel or toll fees or any other non coach operator costs.

3.5 Additional Charges

Unless, it has been otherwise agreed, the hire price will not include any group catering, tickets, admission charges, ferries/tunnels, road tolls or parking. At your request we may make these types of arrangements for you, but we would do so as your agent. This means that any terms and conditions applicable to that transaction by that supplier (e.g. relating to payment, cancellation, etc.) would be as binding on you as if you had made these arrangements yourself. We will seek your acceptance of any such terms and conditions and not expend any money on your behalf until you have made similar payment to us.

The coach operator reserves the right to charge the customer for driver’s accommodation at the time of the booking should the length of a trip go beyond 15 hours. It is at the sole discretion of the Coach Operator to apply the costs of the accommodation, whether or not the driver utilises the accommodation, or if for operational purposes the driver is required to drive back to the coach depot and return the following day to collect the passengers. The Coach Operator will not be held liable for any request for a reimbursement from the customer in the event the accommodation is not used.

For longer trips in terms of hours/mileage the Coach Operator needs to comply with all regulations with regards to driver’s hours. The booking quote that you will have received (unless agreed in writing) specifically excludes the requirement for a second driver or driver accommodation. Our operations team will work with you to produce an agreed itinerary which will mitigate, as far as possible, the need for any additional costs. If such costs are unavoidable we will advise the Customer of them (if at all possible) more than 7 days prior to travel thus allowing the Customer the option of cancelling the booking at no further cost. If bookings are made less than 7 days before travel we will advise of additional costs within 48 hours of booking. In terms of understanding potential additional costs a second driver costs approximately £150 per day.

Jab Coach Hire Limited are happy to advise and agree at the point of booking of any additional charges which may be necessary for additional drivers or drivers accommodation.

See also 1.3 regards special circumstances which may require a second driver.

Ferries and Euro-tunnel can only be booked on the Customers behalf receipt of cleared funds. Please be aware that these bookings are subject to 3rd Party availability on receipt of cleared funds. Jab Coach Hire Limited holds no responsibility is availability is lost between booking and receipt of funds for these 3rd party charges.

3.6 Booking Confirmations and Amendments

It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the Booking Confirmation, once received, for its accuracy and completeness. This is the document that the Operator relies upon for the trip and it is important that any errors are notified to us as soon as possible.

If a Customer requires an amendment to a Booking, the amendment will only be considered as implemented when the Customer has it confirmed in writing in terms of a new, replacement, Booking Confirmation. If an updated Booking Confirmation has not been received by the Customer with the updated details, then the Customer must assume that the existing booking has not been amended.

It is the Customers responsibility to ensure with JCH that all trip details are complete and correct and at no time should verbal amendments be considered as confirmation of a change to an existing booking.

4. Complaints

If Customers have a complaint about their booking or trip they should contact Jab Coach Hire Limited as soon as possible in writing (either by email or by using the specific Customer Compliant form on our website) and Jab Coach Hire Limited will endeavor to assist with the issue at hand acting as the Coach Operators agent. Customer Service office hours are from 10.30am until 4.30pm Monday – Friday.

Our offices are unable to assist with this type of enquiry on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. If you’re writing to complain please provide your booking reference number on your e-mail, and include YOUR daytime and evening telephone numbers. Failure to supply any part of this information may result in dismissing your complaint. Any remedies or compensatory measures offered (if any) are in line with the Customer Services Policy.

Any issue must be raised within 14 days of the initial travel date.

Any refund due will be issued as a credit note.

5. General

By placing a booking with, Customers are confirming that they have read, understood and agreed to abide by the above published Terms and Conditions. Please ensure you understand them fully prior to placing a booking.

No part of these Terms and Conditions affects your rights as a consumer. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to your rights as a consumer.


Any booking entered into based on these terms and conditions, or any dispute or claims arising from same shall be subject to the jurisdiction and laws of England and Wales.

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